Craig Smith • Intero Real Estate Services • San Carlos

The houses Monica stages for me always look awesome, I'm so thankful. She went into my recent listing, installed carpet, painted accent walls, staged it, and did this all in 3 days. I can always count on her.

Wendi Selig-Aimonetti • Coldwell Banker • Palo Alto, Top 1%

I have used Monica for my staging for many years and it has sure paid off. Sometimes sellers are reluctant to want to spend excess money on preparing their home for sale especially in this current market. Once they see Monica's staging they are overwhelmed and understand why I push for it so hard. She does a fabulous job and the house shows beautifully when she is done. She is reliable, quick, and has a great eye for design. She is also very good with paint colors and flooring. The listings Monica has staged for me sell immediately!

Lauren Bellings • Coldwell Banker • Top 4% International

Monica staged a few of my listings in Hillsborough. I really enjoy working with her because of her professionalism, flexibility, responsiveness, and obviously her creativity. I took on a listing that was expired, and did not sell with previous listing agents. I got this property sold in a couple of weeks, and truly believe that the transformation that Monica did on this house played an important role in getting it sold in such a short time. Monica is easy to work with. My clients enjoy working with her as much as I do and so will you! Hire her!

Wendy ConIma • Real Estate • San Carlos

"I highly recommend Monica Stubblefield as a stager. I was very impressed with her creativity and her ability to solve unique design requirements. She was very focused in making sure we met the deadlines for listing our home and picking up her items after our house sold in order to meet our move-out dates. Monica has a fantastic painting company and they went out of their ways to make sure that everything worked like clockwork. The bottom line is that she is very, very good at what she does, and takes pride in her craft and goes out of her way to make her customers happy. This is always a winning formula for running a great business."

Caroline Dinsmore • Coldwell Banker • San Mateo

Monica has an innate knack for knowing how to put a room together. Her vision is always impeccable and flexible from small spaces to large, from ultra modern to classic. She makes everything possible. "No" is just not an answer in her vocabulary. Marissa Designs is the preferred stager for all of my listings

Elizabeth Manager for Fern Ridge Management, LLC

When you want the BEST, call Monica. She's delightful to work with, talented beyond compare, and so resourceful that she can do whatever needs to be done in an amazingly short amount of time. In one week, we had new paint inside and out, new carpet, complete quality furnishings for the entire house including wall features, nick-knacks that made the home look like a model home. Her cleaning crew made the home spotless, including hard to reach skylights. Our agents said that people would come in and just stand in awe at how gorgeous the home looked. I would not hesitate to recommend Marissa Designs to anyone!

Franklin Rice • CFO VistaGen Therapeutic

We had a drab 30 year old industrial interior and needed to dress things up for investor presentations. Our budget was next to zero but Monica came in and found a way to make it look like a million bucks, exceeding both our and our investors’ expectations. A perfect solution for 2010 business reality.

Joanne J • San Carlos, resident

We are very happy with all the painting and moving work accomplished so efficiently and professionally, by all 4 of your fine workers here today. We will certainly recommend your excellent services . Thank you so much for all your help!

David Young • Coldwell Banker • Top 1% Nationwide

Monica is amazing. When I think I have seen it all, I'll walk into a listing she's worked on, and think to myself....wow, this could be in Architectural Digest. She is talented beyond belief, knowledgeable, has a fabulous crew which in turn, takes all the worry and stress away from my clients, and myself.

Anne Harris • Homeowner • Belmont

"When we worked with Monica at Marissa Designs, we faced the difficulty of staging a very asymmetrical home with awkward spaces. Monica’s creativity and vision were so transformative, that it became so bright and inviting, that we wished we'd met her when we first moved in! When my husband and I got home after Monica's staging, we were blown over. She is phenomenal."

Carrie Du Bois • Coldwell Banker, San Carlos

GRI (16 years experience)

I use Marissa Designs because it is one stop shopping for me, as a busy realtor. Monica can provide me with painting, staging and landscape work. Her work not only impresses me, it impresses my most particular clients. Each stage looks fresh due to her huge supply of home furnishings inventory. It's never the same design twice

Debbie Wilhelmn • COLDWELL BANKER

Top 1% of Coldwell Banker Nationwide

I utilized the services of 1 stager for over 12 years until I was introduced to Monica. She has eliminated the stress involved in coordinating multiple services and is my one stop shop. She is professional, flexible and assists the seller in moving boxes, selecting paint colors and has a true eye for design. Her staff can paint homes and prepare them in a snap of a finger. It is a seamless service and the seller is in awe at the end of the day when they see the finished product. Monica, thank you for helping me be more successful with a quicker sale!

Stephanie Russell • Re/Max Today, San Carlos

"….after seeing what Monica has done, my most frequent response from my sellers is "now I don't want to move! "A home Monica has staged makes buyers want to come in, sit down and stay awhile... and that is what we want. Monica's prices are what first got me to use her, her talent is what brings me back time and time again..."

Holly Noto • Coldwell Banker, San Mateo

Monica, owner of Marissa Designs is absolutely FABULOUS! She can transform a dull, out dated property into a piece of art. Many times seller's are skeptical of the staging process, but once they see Monica's finished product they are always truly amazed. In fact, more often than not, they ask if they can hire Monica to help decorate their new place. The end result of this process is that the sellers home sells very quickly, and for a higher dollar than it would have if Monica had transformed these homes. Thanks for all you do Monica!

Donelle O'Connor ® • Cashin Company, San Carlos

I highly recommend Monica of MarissaDesigns. With her talented eye for detail, color and furniture placement she has revitalized and beautified even the oddest of homes. It is wonderful to introduce a client to Monica and watch her work. Within just a few short minutes, she wins even the most difficult client over. Her follow through is also refreshing and she is always fast to respond to any questions or needs, even part way into a staging project.
She does an exceptional job of turning a property around in just a few short days. Her entire crew of painters, landscapers, house cleaners and what ever else is necessary, is there at her call to complete any job. I can count on Monica!

Stephanie Russell • Re/Max Today, San Carlos

"….after seeing what Monica has done, my most frequent response from my sellers is "now I don't want to move! "A home Monica has staged makes buyers want to come in, sit down and stay awhile... and that is what we want. Monica's prices are what first got me to use her, her talent is what brings me back time and time again..."

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